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About Us

Dynamic Hockey Development (DHD) was established in 2020 and has continued to grow since. Since then, we have trained thousands of players across the country ranging from the mite level, all the way to the NCAA level, and everywhere in between. DHD covers nearly every facet of the game including…

  • Private on-ice skills training

  • Small group on-ice skills training - Team skills training

  • Personal strength and conditioning training

  • Team strength and conditioning training

  • Large scale development camps

  • Hockey IQ/Cognitive development

  • Online training programs designed

  • Video analysis training 

As hockey is our passion, we strive to help our players become not only better athletes, but also better individuals. Hockey is a fantastic way to teach valuable life lessons. Using the game of hockey as a tool to help building life skills is invalueable. Emphasizing the mental, physical, social, and emotional growth of our athletes is what makes us DYNAMIC. Dynamic Hockey Development is designed to aid players in their development on and off the ice.​ On top of hockey development, we additionally provide strength and conditioning training for anyone interested in improving their physiological health. 

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